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Expert and enthusiastic, passionate about health and vitality.
From the moment the proof was given, we ourselves have been intensively and constantly searching for all possible applications concerning redox signaling molecules and their effect.
We have our own manufacturing facility for producing and stabilizing redox signaling molecules.
For scientific support, we work with numerous experts: doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, personal trainers and nutritionists.

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RedoxForte Health Care BV
Kipdorpvest 40-42
2000 Antwerp

Tel. +32 475 45 04 64
Email: info@redoxforte.com

VAT No.: BE0784811459
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RedoxForte is available for 3 different applications

RedoxForte Inner Care

Improve your health and performance.
Boost your resistance and self-healing ability.

RedoxForte Abdomen Care

A body-owning and -friendly detox. Cleanses your intestines naturally and powerfully!

RedoxForte Skin Care

Repair and protect your skin cells. A natural solution for skin irritations, (age) spots and allergic reactions.

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