Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about RedoxForte?
RedoxForte is the result of a unique manufacturing process. RedoxForte works at the most fundamental level, namely your body cells. It activates body’s own functions, which promote recovery and healing. Because it is endogenous, it is also 100% safe. It is all about the positive charge of water, a hidden force that causes pathogenic and negatively charged cells to fight bacteria, fungi or viruses.

Is RedoxForte safe?
Yes, because it is 100% bodily and therefore safe. Studies by numerous laboratories show this and no toxicity has been observed. Indeed, the product is similar to neutral saltwater solutions. Thus, RedoxForte is safe for all essential body organs. It is safe for all soft tissues and membranes of the nose, throat and esophagus.

Why aren’t the redox molecules listed under “ingredients” on the label?
If we look at the ingredients of a loaf of bread, we might see flour, water, sugar, oil, yeast, but nowhere on the ingredient list does it say “bread.” The raw ingredients are listed, not the finished product. The same with redox molecules, where the ingredients are water and salt. The redox molecules are the result of a unique manufacturing process.

What exactly happens when we add RedoxForte Inner Care to water?
RedoxForte Inner Care has a redox value of 700+ with a neutral pH of 7. “Ordinary water” has a redox value between 230 and 265. This means that anything can grow in it, even pathogenic cells. From the moment the water is contaminated with pathogenic cells, the redox value drops. Adding 30 ml of RedoxForte Inner Care to “plain water” will immediately raise the Redox value to 700+. This means that the “ordinary water” is activated to that same 700+ redox value (measured in millivolts). The activated “ordinary water” will now help to cleanse the body from the inside out of negatively charged, pathogenic cells.

Where does the special taste and smell of RedoxForte come from?
That is the taste and smell of the redox signaling molecules. If you taste and smell carefully, you will experience the taste of salt or sodium chloride. RedoxForte Inner Care diluted in water does not taste as strong anymore. If you take Redoxforte Inner Care for some time, you will notice that your taste buds adjust and it will taste more natural to you.

How do I know what the desired effect is?
In general, you will feel better within 10 days of using RedoxForte Inner Care. With RedoxForte Abdomen Care, this is from the fourth or fifth day. It is best to write down your symptoms and discomforts at the outset so that you can clearly identify the difference afterwards. Based on a possible blood analysis, you can even better measure the positive effect on your body.

Is it necessary to dilute Redox Forte Inner Care in 1 liter of water?
RedoxForte Inner Care can be drunk diluted in water or pure. The daily recommended water consumption is 1 to 1.5 liters! From the moment you add 30 ml of RedoxForte Inner Care to 1 liter of water, you change the redox value of the entire volume of water.

What is the best way to store RedoxForte?
All RedoxForte products can be stored at room temperature. Colder or warmer makes no difference to the quality of the product. It is stable even at temperatures up to 150°C and survives microwave cooking as well as refrigeration and freezing.

What is the price of RedoxForte Inner Care based on?
RedoxForte Inner Care is produced based on a unique and long-term process. With 1 liter of RedoxForte Inner Care you activate more than 30 liters of plain water with the same power and effect as the pure product. To further develop and test all possible applications, we permanently invest in research. The price of RedoxForte naturally includes VAT and shipping costs.

How do I use the different RedoxForte products?

  • RF Inner Care is best used by adding 30ml to 1L of water daily and drinking it empty during the day (preferably morning). It is best to do this for 3×30 days (RF Inner Care cure)
  • RF Abdomen Care you drink 100ml pure daily on an empty stomach, 20-30min later you can then eat again. It is best to do this 10 days in a row, then pause for 4-5 days, then 10 days in a row again (RF Abdomen Care cure)
  • RF Skin Care Spray you use for every imaginable moment in between, for skin irritation, allergy etc. but also internally for mouth and throat.

You get a full instruction manual with every purchase for each RF product, it contains everything you need to know.

What if you are on a low-salt diet?
RedoxForte, whether diluted or not and used according to instructions for use, contains a minimal amount of salt, so it can also be used by people following a low-sodium diet.

Can it be combined with other drugs?
RedoxForte can be used with other medications except cortisone. RedoxForte has been proven to be 100% safe.

How much REDOXFORTE should I use normally and how much as an athlete?
Drinking 30 ml of RedoxForte Inner Care is enough to improve your health and performance. If your body is stressed or challenged by anything, it may be helpful to take a higher dose. For example, athletes use 60 ml when training intensively or competing. Excess intake is automatically broken down by your body into water and salt. However, do not use RedoxForte Inner Care to hydrate your body. Always drink plenty of water when using RedoxForte (1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day).

What exactly does RedoxForte Skin Care Spray help for?
RedoxForte Skin Care Spray is 100% body-derived and safe. It is soothing to even the most sensitive tissues. It helps with all kinds of irritations and skin conditions, including sunburn. RedoxForte Skin Care Spray can also be used for mouth blisters and sore throats. Be sure to look at the instruction manual for all possible uses.

How can you enhance the effect of RedoxForte Skin Care?
By first spraying with RedoxForte Skin Care Spray and then applying your usual day or night cream.