The science behind Redoxforte

The discovery of mitochondria and redox signaling molecules!

Discovered by Nobel Prize winners, quote: “This is even more important than DNA”

To explain this, we have to start with the role of mitochondria.

One of the main functions of body cells is the production of fuel. This fuel, ATP energy, is made by small “power plants” within the cell. These are the mitochondria.

They can be found in almost all cells of the body. They are the energy factories within the cell. They make energy and that is the very energy that our body needs to function properly. Most body cells contain 500 to 2000 mitochondria. Large numbers are found in parts of the body that require a lot of energy, such as the brain, heart, liver and skeletal muscles. They also play a necessary role in the production of redox signaling molecules. These in turn ensure communication within the cell and between the cells themselves. This communication is indispensable for every form of life and of course also for health. It is the basis for cell development, tissue repair and immune function.

Redox signaling molecules are 100% naturally-occurring in the body and are crucial for all living cells.

In the cells of organisms, energy is stored and converted using redox reactions. For example, metabolism in the cell produces “reducing capacity” in the form of NADPH and NADH, which can then be used for energy production (NADH + ADP + H3PO4 → NAD+ + ATP) or directly in biosynthesis (NADPH → NADP+, e.g., fatty acid synthesis). Metabolism is largely based on such redox reactions.
An increased redox value makes water active and can therefore make metabolism and body functions more efficient. This serves to nourish the cell, to detoxify and to optimize the mutual intracellular cell communication.

In addition to a “communicator” function, redox molecules also fulfill the role of “activator”. They activate the antioxidants in the body such as – Glutathione, SOD and Catalase. These are very effective in avoiding the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. However, they also need “communicator” molecules in order to function. Without these redox signaling molecules, there is no cooperation and nothing happens.
Redox is recommended by a range of therapists. Below are some of the results that have been achieved:

 Patient with prostate cancer feels better. Less pain and much more energy.
 Patient with chronic fatigue. Significantly higher cell energy measured after 5 weeks.
 Patients with burnout also show significantly increased cell energy. Feels much more energetic and a persistent bacterial infection is completely gone after four weeks.

What does redox 700+ & pH 7 mean?

The value listed for REDOX or REDuction OXidants shows the purity of water, the ability to break down pollution and an indication of the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.

The redox is measured in mV (millivolts) and ranges from -180 mV to +1100 mV. We only focus on positive redox values in which the value 600+ to 800+ belongs to the category “water disinfection”. Only water from this category inactivates pathogenic organisms. Redox 700+ is the best value for our bodies!
In addition, the pH value (acidity) is also of great importance. This value is on a scale between 0 and 14, where value 7 is neutral.

In summary: Redox of 700+ in combination with a pH of 7 is natural and necessary for the perfect functioning of our body. The redox water creates a short circuit with negatively charged, disease-causing cells in the body, so that those bad cells are deactivated, resulting in more energy and an increase in your resistance.

Scientific research

Since 1993, scientific research has been conducted into the importance and functioning of redox signaling molecules, mitochondria and the negative effect of oxidative stress. Download the original reports to learn more about how these fundamental elements and mechanisms work in the human body.

Nobel Prize winners

The Nobel Prize in Physiology (or Medicine) was jointly awarded in 1998 to Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad for their findings on nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.

More than 12,000 scientific articles on redox signaling have already been published. This clearly shows that disruption in the redox signaling in our body forms the basis for numerous health problems. Several doctors, including James Watson, Nobel laureate and discoverer of DNA, say that many important diseases are caused by a lack of redox signaling molecules.

Users about RedoxForte

Excellent healing

I fell and broke my leg in several places, with several serious injuries to my calf. During my recovery I wanted to avoid inflammation in the operated area. So, I started using RedoxForte Inner Care on the advice of my (naturopathic) therapist. When the cast came off,...

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I have higher energy

Since using RedoxForte Inner Care, my energy is much higher. I'm sure of it: thanks to RedoxForte, I can handle a lot more every day. I will definitely continue to use it.”

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Chronic bladder infection

I have chronic bladder infection. It is hard to believe, but after one week I had no more stomachaches and backaches. In the months that followed, I had my urine cultured several times at the doctor's office. These tests showed that the number of bacteria was clearly...

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The ageing process, we can’t escape it

Scientific studies show that the number of mitochondria and their functioning declines every year from the age of ten. From the fiftieth year, that decreases by 40% and at sixty by 50%!
Because mitochondria then produce less redox signaling molecules and ATP, your self-healing capacity and energy level decrease further.

Adding RedoxForte Inner Care triples the effect of drinking water

Drinking enough water allows our body to function normally. Vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins are therefore well absorbed into our body cells. Enzyme reactions are facilitated and toxins are removed.

By adding RedoxForte to our daily dose of drinking water, we boost the immune system, make our skin glow and we simply feel better. It also has an effect on the ability to regulate our body temperature, build muscle mass and burn excess fat.

RedoxForte is available for 3 different applications

RedoxForte Inner Care

Improve your health and performance
Boost your resistance and self-healing ability.

RedoxForte Abdomen Care

A body-friendly detox based on naturally-occurring body cells. Cleanses your intestines naturally and powerfully!

RedoxForte Skin Care

Restore and protect your skin cells. . A natural solution for skin irritations, (age) spots and allergic reactions.