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Eczema spots

Earlier this year, I had so much work that burnout was looming. One of the things I noticed was the eczema on my head, which I suffer from more during busy periods. A friend alerted me to RedoxForte, which I started using. After just a few weeks, I noticed that the eczema spots became drier, the soft spots became scabs, a good sign.

Excellent healing

I fell and broke my leg in several places, with several serious injuries to my calf. During my recovery I wanted to avoid inflammation in the operated area. So, I started using RedoxForte Inner Care on the advice of my (naturopathic) therapist....

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I have higher energy

Since using RedoxForte Inner Care, my energy is much higher. I'm sure of it: thanks to RedoxForte, I can handle a lot more every day. I will definitely continue to use it.”

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Chronic bladder infection

I have chronic bladder infection. It is hard to believe, but after one week I had no more stomachaches and backaches. In the months that followed, I had my urine cultured several times at the doctor's office. These tests showed that the number of...

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Clearly noticeable

If you ask me what RedoxForte means, it's hard for me to explain. In any case, it works in the cells of your body and makes them work more optimally. This makes your immune system stronger and allows your body to better protect itself from harmful...

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Much fitter

I only now realize how miserable I have felt all these years. I am much fitter and feel like a completely different person."

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Since taking RedoxForte, the pain of my gout has subsided. I am now walking without pain. We tell our story to everyone. The effect of RedoxForte seems incredible, but it really does work. Our health is the best proof of that. In any case, we are...

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Crohn’s disease

I have Crohn's disease (chronic inflammation in the intestines) and have now done a full course of RedoxForte Abdomen Care. My stools were better after only two days and I didn't even take my periodic medicine until a month later when I normally...

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Very special

When I came for a checkup at the doctor's office, she didn't know what she saw. I had blood drawn and the inflammation levels had dropped from 160 to 2 in five weeks, very unusual.The family doctor responded enthusiastically and wanted to know more...

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Bart G. – 45 years, Ex-cyclist
Chronic lymphatic leukemiaAuto-immune disease

Since using RedoxForte Inner Care, I have regained the energy and resilience to exercise intensively and with pleasure. After years of medical suffering (chronic blood disease), I could not get my body activated to cycle several times a week, as my body did not recover sufficiently. With RedoxForte, I went through quite a transformation. Not only do I feel and perform much better, in my blood analysis after a 3-month study, my blood levels improved dramatically.

As a 45-year-old former cyclist, I’m pedaling wattages again that I couldn’t push more than 15 years ago. Weighing 68.5 kg, I am now at a peak wattage of 1367 watts and an FTP value of 300 watts (4.37 watts/kg) and 62 VO2-MAX. Incredibly nice to go through life so fit again now!!!

I recommend RedoxForte Inner Care to anyone, who wants to perform and experience their sport in a healthy way. You do your body a big favor with it and on the upside you perform much better too!!!

Bart was, for 3 months, one of the test subjects for our study on the impact of RedoxForte Inner Care in terms of health, stamina, recovery and resistance.
Below is a summary of some relevant blood results on this.

RedoxForte is available for 3 different applications

RedoxForte Inner Care

Improve your health and performance.
Boost your resistance and self-healing ability.

RedoxForte Abdomen Care

A body-owning and -friendly detox. Cleanses your intestines naturally and powerfully!

RedoxForte Skin Care

Repair and protect your skin cells. A natural solution for skin irritations, (age) spots and allergic reactions.