“Redox signaling
molecules are
the secret of life”

Dr. Gary Samualson, University of Utah (USA)

Redox signaling molecules give your body a purifying power

Switch your body “on” with redox signaling molecules.
Improve the recovery and protection of your body cells.
The essential basis for a healthy body full of vitality with strengthened resistance. RedoxForte is a concentrated dietary supplement that provides redox signaling molecules. These molecules are the unique result of the synthesis and electrolysis of pure water, hypochlorite and sodium chloride.  


Redox signaling molecules are 100%
naturally-occurring in your
body and are crucial for all
living cells.

They increase cell energy and performance
They stimulate the repair and renewal process of all our body cells
They slow down the ageing process of all our body cells
They support the fight against oxidative stress
They contribute to boosting immunity

Your body’s production and number of redox signaling molecules starts to decrease from the age of 10!

The power of RedoxForte in your body

RedoxForte protects you both internally and externally.
It boosts the REDuction of OXidation. Oxidation is one of the main causes of (skin) ageing and it generates ‘free radicals’. An excess of this affects the healthy cells in all our organs as well as in the skin. It causes DNA damage and affects connective tissue. Your self-healing capacity and resistance will decrease visibly as a result. Our skin becomes less elastic, causing wrinkles and age spots to appear. By increasing the number of redox signaling molecules in your body, you can easily prevent and combat discomfort, infections, chronic diseases and ageing symptoms. RedoxForte helps to do this thanks to the redox signaling molecules, which are 100% safe and naturally-occurring in the body.

RedoxForte Inner Care

Improve your health and performance.
Boost your resistance and self-healing ability.

RedoxForte Abdomen Care

A body-friendly detox based on naturally-occurring body cells. Cleanses your intestines naturally and powerfully!

RedoxForte Skin Care

Restore and protect your skin cells. A natural solution for skin irritations, (age) spots and allergic reactions.

Users about RedoxForte

Redox signaling molecules

What are they and what do they do?

To explain this, we have to start with the role of mitochondria.

One of the main functions of body cells is the production of fuel. This fuel, ATP energy, is made by small “power plants” within the cell. These are the mitochondria.

They can be found in almost all cells of the body. They are the energy factories within the cell. They make energy and our body needs just that energy to function properly. Most body cells contain 500 to 2000 mitochondria. Large numbers are found in parts of the body that require a lot of energy, such as the brain, heart, liver and skeletal muscles.

They also play a necessary role in the production of redox signaling molecules. These in turn ensure communication within the cell and between the cells themselves. This communication is indispensable for every form of life and, of course, also for health. It is the basis for cell development, tissue repair and immune function.

 Redox Redox signaling molecules are produced by the body itself.

 From the age of 10, the production continually decreases. At the age of 60, this production is only a maximum of 50%.

 Every cell in the body consists mainly of water and salt.

 This is, among other things, the result of electrolysis and synthesis of pure water and sodium chloride.

 If the synthesis is not stabilized, they will again decompose into water and salt.

 RedoxForte has now succeeded in producing and stabilizing this outside the natural functioning of the body, with the highest degree of quality.

 By using RedoxForte, the loss and shortage of the body’s own signaling molecules can be supplemented.

What does redox 700+ & pH 7 mean?

The value listed for REDOX or REDuction OXidants shows the purity of water, the ability to break down pollution and an indication of the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.